2 Minute Wrinkle

2 Minute Wrinkle

Our client, 2 Minute Wrinkle, is a growing online beauty retailer selling a 2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer product. Their goal was to increase their conversion rate and setup Klaviyo for email/sms.


2 Minute Wrinkle was struggling to get past a 1% conversion rate, and as a result, their sales were stagnant. They needed a way to increase their conversion rate and get more purchasers.


To help 2 Minute Wrinkle achieve their goals, we implemented multiple conversion rate optimization tactics such as bringing people directly to checkout and improving the layout of their above the fold area.


As a result of our efforts, 2 Minute Wrinkle saw a significant increase in conversion rate and a corresponding increase in sales. With optimizations made, they experienced a 164% increase in their conversion rate and a 310% increase in sales.



The conversion rate optimization strategy developed by Creators Ecom for 2 Minute Wrinkle was successful in driving more sales and increasing the conversion rate for the client. By utilizing tools such as Google Optimize, Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics, we were able to significantly increase the client's overall revenue and help them achieve their business goals.

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