Top 5 Shopify apps you should be using

1. Rebuy

  • Rebuy smart cart helps increase AOV through free shipping bar, recommending additional products and allowing the ability for accelarated checkout buttons like Shop Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc all on the slide cart.
  • Their cross-selling widgets are great as well. The product recommendations widget to place on the bottom of your product detail page grants the ability to add products to your cart while staying on that page (not being redirected elsewhere) and showing product reviews.
  • All of Rebuy's widgets can be tailored to match your brand. You'll need some knowledge of css to get it just right. If you're needing assistance with this reach out here!

2. Klaviyo

  • Shopify dominates the ecommerce space like Klaviyo dominates the email/sms space. Having analytics all in one platform for email/sms makes it a much smoother experience for customers and easier on you to manage all communication angles.
  • Plenty of integrations with other platforms like Okendo, Recharge, etc.
  • Easily setup A/B tests on your campaigns, flows and pop-ups.

3. Shogun

  • This easy to use landing page builder can help boost your conversion rate if done right. As a drag and drop page builder it's super easy to use and can be customized to match your branding.
  • CRO Tip: If you have a product that can be placed in checkout without any need for customization test this function in your Shogun landing page. This should boost your landing page conversion rate by about 1% or more. This also worked great for applying discounts or buy one get one offers.

4. Okendo

  • Hands down best reviews app when it comes to what is provided and cost.
  • Tip: Encourage customers to add video + photo by offering a sweet discount. This UGC can then be used on your site or ads. Ask for it and they will provide!

5. Conjurred Referrals

  • Create another revenue channel with Conjurred Referrals. This is a great app because of the simplistic user interface and the ability to go live within 24hrs if needed. Also want to mention that it's a great way to gain email subscribers to market to in the future.
  • Build your referral emails within Klaviyo and export the code into Conjurred Referrals to keep your brands communicate style on point.
  • Easily track performance by viewing their dashboard and watch your referral program grow organically.
  • Tip: Test a few offers to see what performs the best. If $5 off didn't perform try $10 or 15% off to see what lands with your customer base. You can always set minimum order amount to ensure profitability is still there.