The Press Factory

Service: Shopify Site Design

Problem: Free gift with subscription option

Solution: A custom free gift with subscription option was set up for this brand utilzing Recharge + Rebuy. The setup involved a custom addition to their product page utilizing Rebuy's product add-on widget that offered the two free gift products. Some custom code was also applied to the slide cart to make sure they weren't able to purchase the two free products without the core product.

"Shopify stores require integrations from multiple development apps to support multiple subscription products. Austin was able to configure rebuy smart cart, subscription dials vs one time buy, and automatically add a gift (2 variants) and free sample(6 variants) for subscribers only. Now there is a seamless workflow for the customers that we can’t wait to launch! We would without a doubt recommend Austin to anyone looking to optimize their e-commerce business."

- Michael S