Conversion optimization can make or break your business

If you’re sending traffic to a landing page that doesn’t convert, yet is a solid product and brand you’re going to run into difficulty growing the business. On the flip side you can have a high converting landing page with an ok product and grow the business effortlessly.

What makes a high converting landing page?

  1. Meeting the individual where they’re at in the funnel and understanding of your brand/product (top, middle or bottom)
  2. Addressing questions and concerns an individual might
  3. Promoting an offer they cannot get elsewhere (ex. 20% off a bundle, free product included with order, free shipping, etc)

Before beginning a conversion optimization project I always start with a research process similar to what is listed below. This helps gain a greater understanding of the current state of their store performance, how individuals are currently navigating to purchase and what areas of their site can be improved to increase conversion.

Research process below

  • Conversion Research Phase - Quantitative + Qualitative Research
    • Mircosoft clarity - view recordings, heatmaps and detailed site engagement
      • Adjust the timeframe to 7 days to get the most up-to-date data
      • Review “Dead clicks” recordings
      • Review “Rage clicks” recordings
      • View heatmap + recording of the top 5 most “Popular pages” list
      • Review “JavaScript errors” recordings
    • Hotjar - creating + reviewing visitor survey forms
      • Review current survey(s)
      • Create new survey(s) - either new or drill down from a popular feedback point made from previous survey form
    • Google Analytics - detailed site engagement, user flow, landing page performance
      • Behavior → Behavior flow
      • Behavior → Site content → Landing pages
    • Shopify - Shopify app performance + post-purchase feedback form
      • Review analytics from the past 30 and 7 days
      • Review Shopify customer survey form
        • Also create + edit current forms based on the audience + what kind of data you are trying to gather
    • Google Page Speed Insights (NOT FOR SPEED SCORE… For identifying elements that can be removed + edited to increase page speed)
      • Enter landing page here