Klaviyo Audit For A Nationwide Coffee Brand


Peace Coffee is a nationwide coffee brand that has been committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts for over two decades. They prioritize supporting small-scale farmer cooperatives with fair prices and promoting earth-friendly practices. The company achieved B Corporation certification, emphasizing the importance of people and planet over profits. As a brand focused on sustainability and community, Peace Coffee sought to optimize their marketing efforts through a Klaviyo audit.


Peace Coffee faced several challenges in their marketing strategy. Their existing approach lacked personalized and targeted content, resulting in low engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, the brand had limited experience with SMS marketing and needed guidance on leveraging this channel effectively. They recognized the need to improve campaign performance, list health, and segmentation practices to nurture their loyal customer base and attract new customers.


The Klaviyo audit for Peace Coffee covered various key aspects of their marketing efforts to drive sustainable growth:

  1. Campaign Performance Analysis: A comprehensive review of email and SMS campaigns helped identify areas for improvement, such as content relevance, design, and call-to-action optimization.

  2. List Health Recommendations: The audit included suggestions to clean and segment their email lists to ensure targeted messaging and avoid deliverability issues.

  3. Segmentation Review: By analyzing customer data, we recommended effective segmentation strategies to deliver personalized content based on customer preferences and behaviors.

  4. Workflow and Automation Analysis: Automation workflows were optimized to nurture leads and engage customers at various stages of the buyer's journey.

  5. Personalization and Dynamic Content Recommendations: Implementing dynamic content in email and SMS campaigns allowed Peace Coffee to tailor messages based on individual preferences and behavior, increasing engagement.

  6. A/B Testing Recommendations: The brand was advised to conduct A/B tests to optimize subject lines, content, and CTA elements to understand what resonated best with their audience.

  7. Best Practices and Optimization Tips: The audit provided insights into industry best practices and recommended optimization strategies for email and SMS marketing.

  8. SMS Recommendations: Guidance on building an effective SMS marketing strategy was provided, highlighting the importance of consent, frequency, and content relevance.


After implementing the Klaviyo audit recommendations, Peace Coffee witnessed significant improvements in their marketing efforts:

  • Overall Klaviyo revenue increased by 28%, showcasing the positive impact of the audit's strategies on the brand's bottom line.

  • SMS revenue surged remarkably, achieving an outstanding growth rate of 999%. This indicated the successful integration of SMS marketing into their overall strategy.

  • Email marketing also experienced growth, with a 49.9% increase in open rate and 39.5% increase in click rate demonstrated improved engagement and interest among their email subscribers.


The Klaviyo audit played a crucial role in empowering Peace Coffee to enhance their marketing efforts and reinforce their mission of creating good for people and the planet. By adopting personalized and data-driven strategies, the brand achieved significant growth in both email and SMS channels. The focus on segmentation, automation, personalization, and A/B testing contributed to increased customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Peace Coffee's commitment to sustainability and community has been further strengthened by leveraging Klaviyo's capabilities to build stronger relationships with their audience and drive sustainable growth.

Overall, the success of the Klaviyo audit demonstrates that combining customer-centric marketing practices with a brand's core values can lead to impactful results and positive change in the world.