How We Helped RIO Become A 7-Figure Business In 10 Months

Meet Trent and Sarah Anderson, the dynamic duo behind Reach International Outfitters (RIO). After three years of epic globe-trotting adventures, they've decided to share the thrill by uncovering hidden gems and exciting experiences in your own state. But how did they turn their passion into a $1 million revenue success story in just 10 months? Well, let us spill the beans!

1. The Shopify Success Saga 🌐

Picture this: Q3 of 2022, a collaboration between RIO and Creators Ecom aimed at creating a Shopify site that converts like crazy. Fast forward to 2023, and we're celebrating a whopping 4.42% average conversion rate. And hold your horses, because for the month of November, that number soared to an incredible 6.73%! According to LittleData, that's way above the Shopify store average of 1.4%. Trent puts it best: "Creators Ecom exceeded all our expectations, and in our first month, we soared past $100,000 in sales with a conversion rate over 4.6%."

2. Klaviyo Magic: Growing Lists and Making Waves 💌📈

What's the secret sauce to RIO's success? A killer Klaviyo-led strategy, of course! We're talking about a welcome pop-up and flow that reels in email and SMS subscribers faster than you can say "adventure awaits." Thanks to Curvature AI, we've tested and perfected the most profitable offers. Throw in a 'What State Next' landing page, and boom! We've got a pre-launch buzz that keeps the excitement alive. RIO's email list is now a whopping 160K people strong!

3. The Customer Journey Chronicles 📖✨

Crafting a customer journey that converts is an art, and storytelling is our paintbrush. By tailoring RIO's brand story across ads and landing pages, we've created a connection that's as unique as their adventures. Our secret weapon? A brand story landing page that shares the founders story of launching each state, guiding potential customers from curiosity to conversion. It's not just about selling; it's about creating a lasting connection.

4. Shopify UX/UI Glow-Up 💻🌟

Staying ahead in the eCommerce game means keeping the Shopify User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) on point. Our dedicated efforts included revamping branding, strategic landing pages, and seamless integration of new applications. As RIO expands, so does the online experience, ensuring a visually appealing and functionally optimized platform that evolves with the brand.

Drumroll, Please... 🥁

And the results? RIO has hit milestones that will make your head spin:

  • Seven-figure revenue mark within 10 months
  • Above industry average conversion rate for 2023 (4.42%)
  • Email list now at a whopping 160,000+
  • Average Order Value (AOV) increased by 13% to a sweet $62

Ready to join the adventure? Check out their website here. Trust us; RIO's State Adventure Bucket Lists make for the perfect gift! 🎁✈️

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