Adding Custom Product Personalization Fields To Shopify


Sweet Hooligans Design is a thriving online brand specializing in customized and personalized home decor products. As a brand committed to delivering unique and tailored experiences, they recognized the need to offer their customers the ability to personalize their products directly on the website. However, their existing Shopify store did not have the functionality to support custom personalization fields. Seeking to enhance their customers' shopping experience and increase conversions, Sweet Hooligans Design approached us with the challenge of implementing custom personalization fields on their Shopify product pages.


The absence of custom personalization fields on the Shopify product pages presented a significant hurdle for Sweet Hooligans Design. Customers were unable to specify their desired personalization details during the ordering process, resulting in a less seamless and personalized shopping experience. The challenge was to find a solution that would seamlessly integrate custom personalization fields into the existing Shopify store, allowing customers to easily personalize their chosen products.


To address the challenge, we collaborated closely with Sweet Hooligans Design to understand their unique requirements and vision for the custom personalization fields. After careful consideration and evaluation, we recommended custom coding optional text and file upload blocks.


The addition of custom personalization fields to the Shopify product pages yielded remarkable results for Sweet Hooligans Design. Customers were now able to personalize their chosen home decor items directly on the website, enhancing their shopping experience and allowing them to create unique and meaningful products. The results were evident in increased customer satisfaction, as well as improved conversion rates and sales.

The ability to customize and personalize products on the website empowered customers to take an active role in the design process, fostering a deeper connection to the brand and its offerings.


By successfully implementing custom personalization fields on their Shopify product pages, Sweet Hooligans Design elevated their customer experience and set themselves apart in the competitive home decor market. The integration of the custom personalization functionality resulted in increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and improved sales. The ability to offer unique and tailored products directly on the website strengthened the brand's connection with its customers, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.


"I hired Austin H. for custom Shopify build & Klavyio email/sms integration. He was very easy to work with. Austin is very quick to respond and helped answer any and all questions. He goes above and beyond with making sure things are just right! I highly recommend him!" - Neil H. (Sweet Hooligans Design)