7 Shopify Apps You Need To Be Using In 2024

Uncover the top Shopify apps we use to help grow brands to 7-figures and beyond 🚀

1. Curvature (AI Powered Pricing and Discounts)

Best App For: Harnessing the power of AI and infusing it into Shopify

How Curvature Works: Curvature seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, capturing browsing and transactional data. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it generates a tailored price elasticity model specific to your store, products, and customer base. Depending on the activated modules, the AI initiates various actions such as providing discounts, adjusting prices, or displaying an email capture form.

Why You Should Install Curvature: Having employed this application across multiple ecommerce brands, I can attest to its immense value in determining optimal product pricing and enhancing welcome offers. Calculating the impact of these variables can be challenging without AI assistance. Curvature beautifully manages this complexity and prioritizes actionable insights.

Pricing: TBD

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2. Aftersell (AOV Booster)

Best App For: Boosting average order value

How Aftersell Works: Aftersell, a Shopify application, empowers ecommerce brands to enhance their cart, checkout, and post-purchase upsell processes, leading to a potential sales increase of up to 30%.

Why You Should Install Aftersell: Drawing from my experience of using their post-purchase and checkout tool across various brands, I strongly advocate for testing it with your own brand.

Pricing: starts at $7.99/month up to $149/month (30-day free trial)

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3. Intelligems (A/B Testing)

Best App For: A/B testing & conversion optimization

How Intelligems Works: Seamlessly A/B test anything on your store. Experiment with themes, landing pages, UX and content to boost conversion and reduce CAC.

Why You Should Install Intelligems: A great A/B testing tool replacement to Google Optimize. They directly integrate with Shopify analytics to provide you with the most accurate data to help you gauge performance of your tests.

Pricing: starts at $99/month up to $999/month (7-day free trial)

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4. Klaviyo (Email/SMS)

Best App For: Email & sms marketing

How Klaviyo Works: Elevate your marketing strategies with Klaviyo, delivering highly tailored, personalized emails and texts designed to boost sales and foster more intelligent digital connections. Seamlessly consolidate data from over 300 integrations and leverage it immediately to engage customers across all channels effortlessly.

Why You Should Install Klaviyo: Klaviyo remains the top choice for email and SMS marketing tools for your Shopify brands.

Pricing: Based on email & sms sending volume

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5. Okendo (Reviews/UGC/Referrals/Insight)

Best App For: Product reviews, loyalty, quizzes and referrals

How Okendo Works: Okendo transforms customers into Superfans through its comprehensive customer marketing platform, offering features such as reviews, referrals, loyalty programs, quizzes, and surveys. This unified approach simplifies the cultivation of advocacy, amplifies word-of-mouth, and optimizes lifetime customer value. Trusted by over 8,000 Shopify brands, Okendo facilitates faster and more efficient growth.

Why You Should Install Okendo: While Okendo is undoubtedly a "premium" reviews App for Shopify, it stands out as one of the finest options available. Its reviews widget is highly customizable, and the platform offers virtually limitless opportunities to tailor email flows, rewards, and user-generated content (UGC) capture according to your preferences.

Pricing: starts at $19/month up to $499/month

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6. TinyIMG (SEO)

Best App For: Page speed optimization & SEO

How TinyIMG Works: TinyIMG offers a comprehensive suite of page speed optimization and SEO tools, including image ALT text, JSON-LD, 404 page management, 301 redirects, plugin SEO, rich snippets, SEO image compression, meta tags, photo resizing, image compression, lazy loading, sitemaps, and ChatGPT AI integration. Utilize these features to enhance page speed and improve search engine rankings, ensuring the success of your online store.

Why You Should Install TinyIMG: TinyIMG stands out as a top-tier solution for optimizing page speed and SEO on Shopify. Its customizable reviews widget and extensive capabilities for tailoring email flows, rewards, and user-generated content capture make it one of the best options available.

Pricing: starts at $19/month up to $499/month

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7. Rebuy (Upselling & Cross-selling)

Best App For: Upselling, cross-selling and A/B testing

How Rebuy Works: Rebuy empowers you to boost sales effortlessly by automating personalized follow-ups with customers, offering tailored discounts to encourage repeat orders. With Rebuy, you can construct the most intelligent shopping cart in ecommerce and implement highly effective post-purchase upsells.

Why You Should Install Rebuy: Rebuy stands out as one of the most comprehensive and customizable commerce platforms available for Shopify. Their Smart Cart feature, essential for any rapidly growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, is instrumental in increasing average order value (AOV), conversion rate (CVR), and items per purchase. Additionally, their rules engine grants you the freedom to customize every aspect of your site to suit your needs perfectly.

Pricing: starts at $99/month up to $999/month

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