Maximizing Ecommerce Profit with AI-Powered Curvature: A Case Study on RIO

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, every percentage point matters. Recently, RIO, a successful ecommerce brand, saw a substantial boost in net profit by using Curvature, an AI-powered Shopify app focused on pricing and discount optimization. 

Curvature uses an AI model to predict how ecommerce shoppers will react to different levels of discount, and then selects a personalized offer for each visitor, optimizing for net profit. Let's explore how Curvature transformed RIO's strategy and the valuable lessons learned.

The Impact: A 7% Net Profit Uplift

In just 12 weeks, RIO saw a remarkable 7% increase in net profit with Curvature. This significant uplift highlights the app's effectiveness in boosting bottom-line growth and navigating e-commerce dynamics with precision.

Unchanged Conversion Rates, Elevated Signup Rates

Interestingly, while RIO's conversion rates remained unchanged, there was a notable uptick in signup rates, soaring by 3%. This phenomenon suggests that Curvature's influence extended beyond immediate conversions, bolstering RIO's customer acquisition efforts and nurturing a growing audience base.

Unlocking Key Learnings: Tailoring Discounts for Optimal Impact

  1. Channel-specific Discount Optimization: Curvature showed that generic discounts are outdated. RIO discovered that the best discount varies by marketing channel. Whether it's organic traffic, Facebook, or TikTok, customizing discounts boosted ROI.

  2. Time-sensitive Discounting: Curvature revealed that timing matters. RIO found the ideal discount changes throughout the day. By adjusting discounts based on time, RIO seized peak engagement moments for higher conversions and revenue.

  3. Store-specific Discount Strategies: Not all stores are the same. Curvature highlighted this truth. RIO learned that discounts should differ across storefronts. Tailoring discounts to each store's audience enhanced connections and loyalty.

Future Developments: Expanding Curvature's AI-Powered Optimization Suite

Curvature is expanding its AI-powered tools. Soon, it will include abandoned cart recovery, upselling, price testing, and more. This will give ecommerce brands like RIO new ways to boost profitability and engage customers.

Conclusion: Empowering Ecommerce Success with AI-Powered Curvature

In the fiercely competitive world of ecommerce, data-driven insights are crucial. RIO's experience with Curvature showcases the power of data-driven decisions, driving profitability and efficiency. By leveraging Curvature's AI capabilities for discount optimization, RIO found a path to sustainable growth and unmatched success. As ecommerce evolves, the partnership between RIO and Curvature remains a beacon of innovation, showcasing the endless possibilities of data-driven strategies in shaping the future of retail.

Explore the Curvature platform here.