Build your email & sms list by launching a giveaway campaign

When launching a new ecommerce product it's important to build up hype to have a successful launch. One of the best ways of creating this hype is to drive paid traffic to a giveaway landing page.

There are a few reasons for this...

1. Builds An Email & SMS List

Finding ways to generate emails & sms subscribers can be difficult and costly. One great way to capture subscribers is to launch a giveaway campaign around a new product. For the example below we are driving traffic to an email opt-in landing page promoting a 50 pack giveaway. So far the form submission rate has been 40%+ and we've well exceed our goal of capturing 1,000 contacts at $0.50 a lead within a week time.

2. Warms Your Ad Accounts

When launching your ads, a gradual scale is the best approach to find success on any platform. Pre-launching your product with this approach helps warm up your pixel and prepare you for launch. Leading to better performing ads and higher quality audiences to target. 

3. Builds Confidence In Yourself & The Product

Before sinking $5,000 on your own money into a launch campaign test your product out by using this giveaway method. Not only will this give you an answer to if this product can be successfully marketed, but also builds up your confidence that you're on the right path. There's no worse feeling in business than sinking money into something that continues to not work.

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