Grow your ecommerce business with landing pages

Landing pages are the antidote to a low converting Shopify store.

If you want to scale your ecommerce business more efficiently, you’ll quickly learn that the homepage, collection page and product page won't cut it long term. At scale, there are stages an individual needs to go through before they are willing to purchase from your brand.

A buyer's journey to purchase...

Stage 1: Needs Awareness

Landing page type: listicle or advertorial

The focus of a listicle is to showcase the reasons that customers love the product. The goal here is to show this landing page to as many people as possible that might consider a purchase in the product category. While telling people why this is the best brand to buy from.

Stage 2: Solution Awareness

Landing page type: quiz or hero

At this stage, visitors look for products that fit their needs. Show them that you have the product for them through a quiz or hero style landing page. Both of these styles are great at showcasing your product as the "hero" to their "need".

Stage 3: Consideration

Landing page type: comparable

Focus on answering questions the newly aquatinted visitor is having about your brand before they consider making a purchase. Why they would benefit from buying? What's in it for me? How does it compare to similar products? Why is this the best option? What do they get from using the product?

Load the page with social proof like real customer reviews, content and videos. Also show how this product fits into their life and improves it, too.

Stage 4: Purchase

Landing page type: hero

At this point in the buyers journey they are aware of your brand/product and waiting for the right offer to come along to make a purchase. This landing page is your opportunity to secure a purchase with a new customer for an offer they can't refuse. The two elements of this landing page that make it a superior landing page to your store's product page is the ability to offer an exclusive discount and send them directly to checkout (bypassing the extra cart step).

If you're interested in what landing pages could do for your ecommerce business, schedule a free discovery call here.